PowerShell and the Kinect

A few months back I wrote a “module” for scripting the Kinect with PowerShell. It’s located at: https://github.com/adminian/PowerKinect. Recently a new Kinect SDK was released. I’m going to be testing out the new SDK to make sure everything works as expected.

More info about the new SDK: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/kinectforwindows/archive/2013/03/18/the-latest-kinect-for-windows-sdk-is-here.aspx.

Currently there are only two gestures: right hand swipe and left hand swipe. There is also a function that starts PowerPoint and allows you to control your presentation.

Gary Siepser, a fellow PFE and PowerShell Guru, jumped in and started helping out. He’s written the Audio control functions for the module. We’ll be integrating them into the repo soon! I’ll be posting more about Scripting the Kinect, but for now go clone the repo and give it a try!